overwrite mode blocked

If I click on “insert mode” on the status bar, it has no effect, it never changes to “overwrite.” The help screen for “insert mode” says:

Click in the field to toggle the modes
(except in the LibreOffice Basic IDE,
where only the Insert mode is active).

Looks as if this is my problem, that “only insert mode is active.” What is “Basic IDE?” How do I get something else, so I can use overwrite?


This works without a problem in LO v6.2.0.3 on Linux Ubuntu. You can also use the Insert key on your keyboard to toggle this.

Basic IDE is for Macros.

Possibly you have a problem with your user profile. See this post → LibreOffice user profile

amazingly quick response, thanks! I am running OSX, no “insert” key here; is there a way to emulate it? I will look at user profile for ideas.

Unfortunately I have no experience with Mac. Have done a quick search and there are many suggestions as to how to accomplish this. Nothing seems to work for everyone.

fn - Tab is one and another is Command-Control-I. If neither works, you may want to try a search yourself for other solutions. (one was getting a second keyboard!).

Of course, it might be some macOS-specific problem with inability to toggle the mode using status bar clicks (which would need a bug report). It works on Windows for Writer ~everywhere, and for Calc, it only works here when in formula bar…

Note that using the customization feature, you may search for “Insert Mode” tool, and assign it to any key of your liking.