Own colours into a cell?

How to add own colors into a cell in addition to the basic ones the LibreOffice include?

There was an interesting discussion on colour palettes on the OpenOffice forum a while ago. Much of the information no longer applies because you can now have several different colour palettes available from the drop down selection as below.

I mostly use one that I copied from that forum, on [Solved] Palettes and Smooth colors in OpenOffice (View topic) • Apache OpenOffice Community Forum there is a palette standard.soc_Vertical_KG.zip. Save it somewhere, extract the .soc file and rename it to Vertical_KG.soc so you can recognise it in your list then copy it to *C:\Program Files\LibreOffice\share\palette* (or equivalent in different OS). Cheers, Al

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Can that help?

Use Colors in LibreOffice

Create a new color palette with two palettes to download.

The color for the cell should then be assigned via the sidebar (Ctrl+F5) at Styles|Cell style (possibly new cell style). Place the cursor in the cell and double-click on the cell style you wont.

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