Page 1 of new LO doc offsets to right, p2 offsets to left

I’ve created appx 30 small odt docs in LO Just today, a new odt doc offsets p1 to the right, p2 to the left. How do I reset LO so that each entire page is set toward the left?

I’m not asking about left-justification within a document.

Sounds as if you have set the page style to MIRROR.

The PAGE STYLE setting has an option called Page Layout which allows you to set the PAGE MARGINS. There are four options for placing the printed page on the physical page.
They are

  1. Left and Right - all pages odd and even will be placed in the same place on each page.

  2. Mirrored - the pages will have an inner and outer margin. This is used in bound books as you need more space on the inside of the page. Essentially the odd page is shifted to the right and the even to the left. This is a setting for pages printed on both sides.

  3. and 4) Right and Left - Used when printing just odd number pages or just even number pages. For example when printing on both sides of a page with a printer that only prints on one side.

Remember the printing convention that when you open a printed book, odd number pages are always on the right, even on the left.

Hi @aspergerian111,

It’s not quite clear to me what you mean by the page being “offset.” Could you upload a screenshot or two to help elucidate this problem?