Page borders not showing in Draw v6.2.4

I previously used multiple versions of Draw (most recently 5.1.x) and have had no problems with the display of the page border in the drawing page (and in the slide master). This seemed previously to be displayed by default, with no action required to show the page outline.

I’ve since tried two versions and now which by default were missing the page border, both for existing draw document and new documents. The grid is still displayed as expected but the page border is missing. I recall initially having the problem on the version which I installed some time ago, and was after much searching able to get Draw to display the page border. I’m currently searching but can’t seem to find the steps needed to re-enable to display of the page border.

The reason I’m posting here is see if others have experienced this and found a solution - I assume other users may encounter the same problem so it would be good to have a solution for them too.

Thanks, I.

Screenshot A - missing page border/boundary rectangle (v6.2.4.2; MacOS Mojave)

Screenshot B - Page border/boundary rectangle visible (v.; MacOS Sierra)

Haven’t ever seen any problems with page borders (currently using x64 on Windows) - what is your OS? Can you show a screenshot?

Thanks Mike,
I’m using MacOS Mohave (10.14.5) for the install. The previous installs (and an install of were on MacOS Sierra (10.12.6).
I have a screenshot image, but can’t see the paperclip icon to upload the image (maybe because I’m a newbie to ask.libreoffice). I.

Thanks for the tip on displaying the images.

Just to add a further piece of the puzzle - I just installed v6.2.4.2 one of my Macs (Sierra) that was previously running v6.1.5.2. On running v6.2.4.2 basically I get screenshot A. On running I basically get screenshot B. This suggests it maybe a change in the software between these two versions, and not a machine specific LO configuration issue.


Maybe… Unfortunately, I cannot tell if there’s some issue, because obviously it seems macOS-specific (I see the boundaries appearing and hiding with the option I mention in my answer). Please file a bug report on that.

v6.2.5.2 Update:
This new release fixes the issue I was seeing on the Mac. I had reported the issue on Bugzilla, but it turns out the underlying problem was a known issue (tdf#121241 if anyone is interested). I’m pleased that the page border issue (and some other cosmetic issues with the grid) have been fixed - I’m upgrading my Macs to the new version.

Many thanks to all for your comments and suggestions.

Thanks @aiki_1000;both for reporting it, and for notification here. It’s much better to have several duplicating reports for an issue, than not have a single one.


@mikekaganski +1

Can you also specify what you mean by page border? Draw does not propose to draw page borders (as it is possible in Writer for example).

Is it the display of margins? If it’s the latter you may have set the latter to “None”:


Hi Pierre-Yves,
I’ve just attached a screenshot A showing the master page (which has the grid present but not the page border (boundary) rectangle).
I’ve tried changing the margin setting - just seems to alter how much space there is around the grid.
I have another screenshot from the install that has border/boundary rectangle displayed - I’ll post that shortly as screenshot B. Thanks, I.

ok @aiki_1000 it is therefore a question of displaying margins, not borders. In this case @mikekaganski 's answer is the right one

Please check that you have [x] Text boundaries checked and set to Automatic in OptionsLibreOfficeApplication Colors (General group).

Hi Mike,
The Text boundaries option is checked and set to Automatic.