Page break preview not working in Calc

I’ve used this successfully before, but not now. I have a spreadsheet which doesn’t fit on a single sheet of paper. I need to see the breaks so I can adjust accordingly. When I select the Page Break Preview in the View menu I see a slightly shrunken version of my page on a large, medium gray back ground and with no sign of where the breaks might be. It’s just one spreadsheet. I’ve got another one open right next to it and breaks are displayed correctly. What am I doing wrong?

Edit: adding a sample file, as requested.TestFile.ods

May be you need to enable the option.

Menu/Tools/Options/LibreOffice calc/Print - Always apply manual break.

Edited 20150811

Have you tried with the scale options in?:
Menu/Format/Page [Sheet] -Scale.

Edited 20150814

Seeing your file it has an easy solution, seems as it has a range defined but no one there.

Menu/Format/Print ranges/Clear

solves the issue.

Thanks. I tried it, but that’s not it. I have no manual breaks, nor do I want any. What I want to do is select View|Page Break Preview and see the breaks which have been applied automatically. Then I will shrink my cells down until they just fit on one page.
Unfortunately, when I turn on the Page Break Preview, it just shows the whole spreadsheet on a medium to dark gray background with no breaks. And yet it prints with breaks so I know they are there. I’ve even tried enlarging my sheet

Regarding your edit. I just looked at it. I don’t have a “-Scale” option so I’m guessing you mean to adjust the scaling. Currently the option is set as Reduce/Enlarge Printout. It is this way both on the sheet that displays correctly, and on the one that displays incorrectly. They are also both set to a scaling factor of 100%. So I don’t think that’s it.

Can you share a sample file with the issue?, please remember delete any private/personal information.

Is there a way to do this within this forum? Otherwise I suppose I could put a file up for you to download.

I think I figured it out, I went back to my original message and found a paper clip and tried to attach the file, but it says I need >3 points to do it. How do I get points?

Please try to do now, I have voted you question.

OK, I added a test file. It has two sheets in it. The first one is an example of the problem, the second shows the breaks correctly. On my system. Hopefully on yours, too! :slight_smile:

Select the whole sheet then go to menu and select Format - Print Ranges - Define

calc/Print - Always apply manual

On V6.3, thius is now Tools / Options / LibreOffice calc / Print - Always apply manual break

Huh? could you clarify where’s the difference? :wink: