page break to change style option to insert start page number

I am having difficulty changing the 8th page of a manuscript to page one

The manuscript already is already numbered from the title page which shows up as “page 1”

I understand you must make a page break on the preceding page (7) and change the page style of page 8 to do this

How do I change the page style on page 9 (which I want to make page 1 without changing the page style of the entire manuscript.

How do I make page break on an existing manuscript in which all 230 pages are in the “default style”

You don’t need to make the newly selected page style different from previous; the only requirement (unfortunately existing; see tdf#114085) is to explicitly select page style at the page break (and let it be “default style” again).

Thanks for your answer
Where exactly to you make the page break selection
At the end of the page preceding Chapter 1 or on the page where chapter 1 starts?
Is it necessary to remove the previous number sequence (where p1 is currently on the title page?

“Page break” is a property of paragraph. And it may be of two kinds: “this paragraph is the last on this page” (=page break after this paragraph), and “this paragraph is the first on a page” (=page break before this paragraph).

Use Paragraph properties, Text Flow tab, and (IMO) use page break before this paragraph.