Page breaks management?

I’m working with:

MacOS X         10.8.5

I activated the mode: View > Non printing characters because I’m not able to manage
a document where I don’t see everything.
Then I can see all the returns and tabulations and have an immediate understanding of any alignement
problem coming from extra spaces or tabulations or returns.
I can directly select any of them and simply remove them with a basic delete ⌫.

But I still find it very hard to see and manage page breaks.

  1. How may I render page breaks directly visible?
  2. How may I remove them as easily as any other “non printing” character?

You may modify the color setting in
…LibreOffice → Appearance → Text Document → Page and column breaks

Please specify: switch to View > Print Layout. Otherwise you don’t see anything within document at the place where the page break is.

@manj_k - Thanks for this information. I did not know about it and will have another detailed look at the settings in Options > Appearance. It is just a pity that there is no indication of the page breaks in the web layout because the web layout is a good viewing alternative when the white space between two pages is disturbing.

I “played around” for a while found that the page break cannot be made visible; neither in Print Layout nor in Web Layout. However I too feel that having this visible would be beneficial when formatting a document.

May I suggest that you take the honor and file an enhancement request here:

It would be nice if you post the bug number here to enable others to add comments.

As for removing page breaks, place the cursor on the last end-of-paragraph sign (P the other way round) and press DELETE. This is typically - but not always - not so difficult to be identified due to the following empty space.