Page Forma (Permanet) Adjument

Ubuntu 22.04.03LTS


is there a way to permanently adjust the page format to 0.25 instead of 0.79?
I checked the settings but it’s fairly limited.

I assume that you mean set the margins to 0.25" (6.25 mm) rather than 0.79" (20.00 mm).
First, consider that white space helps readability and protects the text from damage to the edges, it is not wasted space.

You can create a new default template:

  1. Open a new blank document and set the page style (and other styles) to suit yourself
  2. Click File > Templates > Save as template
  3. In the dialogue that opens,
    1. enter a name for your template
    2. Select a category
    3. Tick the box Set as default template
  4. Click Save

When you click New document icon or press Ctrl+N, it will use that template with the margins and other settings that you defined.

If you later need to change the template,

  1. Click File > Templates > Manage templates
  2. In the dialogue that has opened,
    • To change: select your template, click the Open button, make your modifications and Save and close.
    • To remove default status: right click your template (it has a green tick beside it) and click Reset Default
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Why does a new document automatically use this newly created template?
Btw thank you for your reply it is truly useful information.

Because you have used Tick the box Set as default template to make the new template the default to be used?


Lol that makes actually sense!

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There is a faster and simpler way: File>Templates>Edit Template. The document keeps its template status and you save it as usual Ctrl+S.

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