Page format changed in new version of LO Writer

I have several documents that are 1-page documents when opened on my Win10 machine (LO v. But when opened on my Win Vista machine (LO v., the documents are all 2-page documents. I would like to make the documents 1-page long on the newer Vista software. I know I can decrease margin dimensions, but the margins are set the same on both machines. Something else is increasing the document size, and I cannot see what has happened.

You may be missing a font on the Vista machine that exists on the Win10 machine. In this case LO will silently substitute a different font which may change the document layout.

There is an extension, Test of missing fonts which can help you determine if this is the case.

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Thanks for the response. The “Test” referenced is apparently for Writer versions prior to v.5. But both of my machines include the Ariel font used in the documents. I printed the identical document from each of my machines. The fonts look identical on both prints. However, the Vista print looks as if the entire document (text, line spaces, etc.) has been scaled up by about 5 percent.

I wasted a lot of time before solving this problem. The fix was simple: (1) uninstall LO 5.3.x.x (2) install LO 5.2.7 (3) problem solved.