Page Headings Jump and Skip Out of Order

Hey everyone, something really weird is happening to my page headings. I’m working on a lengthy research paper and it’s only 6 pages at the moment. However, when I turned headings on and tried to do the whole [Last Name Page #] deal, the pages numbers got messed up. My headings go like this: 2 2 5 6 5 6.

Whenever I try to change it, it will do the same thing the moment I click away from it. I have no idea how to fix this. I do not have same content as first page enabled, nor is same content left and right pages.

What is “the whole [Last Name Page #] deal”?

Attach the document. If you consider it confidential, “lorem ipsum” it but take care not to change any formatting added and keep it at 6 pages.

Kaganski, the [Last Name Page #] thing refers to the content in the heading in MLA 8.

ajlittoz, I am typing directly into the Writer, nothing is copy-pasted or attached.

@schrodingers-redfish: you have missed the point. Instead of referring to some obscure format of some specific organization in some country, people here are interested to know what exact steps did you try (like “I have switched to header, and inserted field X using actions ABC; and field Y using actions KLM;…”); and @ajlittoz asked you to provide the sample document here (attach it to your question) so that we could inspect it and easily find the problem.