Page margins functionality in notebook bar doesn't match

Page Margins functionality in notebook bar is in metric units and in Format menu for Page, it is in English units

Yes, they are independent. You set the Page setting on the Page style setting. Right Click > Select PAGE > PAGE to reveal this setting. The ruler settings can be changed by right clicking on the ruler and then select your option Inch / Point / MM /CM etc.

A possible reason for this is that the screen display and the printed page are independent of each other. I prefer to use inches for my design, but the A4 printed page standard is metric.

Hi Peter, actually, i am referring to the notebookbar functionality.
If you click on the Page tab on on the notebookbar
Then click on Page Margins button
Then you will see the margins in cm.
However, everywhere else it is listed in inches. this appears to be showing in 6.0.2.
Please confirm