page number goes back to 3

I’m setting page numbers in my .odt file by adding them in a footer, but when I check through, they run fine up until page 115, then the numbering restarts from 3.
Has anyone any idea what may be causing this, and how I can fix it?

Thanks - Dave Brzeski

Found the answer myself. I selected the misnumbered page 116, opened Format>Paragraph, selected Text Flow tab, Enabled Insert, Enabled With Page Style, set the new page number at 116 & clicked OK. All following pages were then numbered as they should be.

I’d still be curious to know what caused the problem. I suspect it’s that some of the files were copied from previous books, and had some left over coding that sent it out of sync with the rest.

Dave Brzeski

A page reset means there is a manual break with the reset property enabled. You should check your page breaks (they display as dotted blue lines between pages). Hover your mouse over and edit it or delete it.