page number in status bar missing

After an update to Libreoffice 4.4.2 in Debian Jessie (via backports) a page number in the status bar left below is missing. How can I get the page number status shown in the status bar? It concerns LibreOffice Writer.


Hi - Does the problem occur with one document or all? If it’s for all perhaps this is a profile problem. See here

It occurs in all documents. So you think it is probably a profile problem? Can you be more specific, please? There are a lot of documents in my use file. How can I do that?


Well, I wrote “perhaps”, not “probably” :slight_smile: I can not be more specific than the already given link. Try to rename your “profile” folder to see if that changes anything.

Ah, I see what you mean. I followed the instruction on re-creating my user profile. Unfortunately the problem persists. So the source of the problem does not lie within the user profile. But where?

Are you sure it is missing? Or is it on a different place or looks different? I’m on Windows 7, and I see

status bar in LO4.2 in LO 4.2 and

status bar in LO5.0 in LO 5.0.

The description of the content of the status bar is in the file
<installation path>\share\config\soffice.cfg\modules\swriter\statusbar\statusbar.xml

This file should have a line <statusbar:statusbaritem xlink:href=".uno:StatePageNumber" statusbar:align="left" statusbar:autosize="true" statusbar:width="54"/>

If the line does not exist, you can add it.

Yes, I am sure. The page number status cannot be found. I made a screen capture of an LibreOffice Writer, but it seems that I need “three points” to make an upload possible (?). Normally the place of the page number status is below, left in the status bar. It is empty, and when I click on that empty place, I get a small Navigator screen.

And yes, the file you mentioned has that specific line.

Any thoughts?