page number skipped

I was playing around with restarting page numbering. One of the methods inserted a page break in the first paragraph of the page where numbering should restart. This resulted in a blank page before that page. I tried to delete the page break and the extra page.

The result is that the page numbering now misses a page. Oddly, the missing page is the page after (not before) the page I wanted to restart numbering on. So, the numbering now goes from page 5 to page 7 with no page 6. The page style is Default, with settings for different footers on odd and even pages. No other even pages are missing.

I don’t understand why page 6 now thinks it is page 7 and would appreciate some insights about what causes this and how to fix it.

Check the page style to see if it some weird one with an automatic Next Style. Check page style properties whether it is forced ot only left/right. Also, with formatting characters display enabled, check if you have an extra manual page break.

Share the file.

Thank you, ajlittoz and gabix, for the suggestion and kind offer.

I just opened the file again to try to figure this out and, lo and behold, it is working correctly. Page 6 now thinks it is page 6 again.

The problem was solved, but what happened remains a mystery.