Page number skips when I change page numbers

In a 100 page document, I switch from roman numerals for the front matter to arabic numbers for the rest, starting over at page 1.
At the break, it goes from p.V to p.1, and everything is fine. Except the document page number jumps from 5 to 7, with no p. 6.
I messed around and put in extra page breaks, and it always starts the new p.1 on an odd number. E.g., if the front matter ends at vi, it still starts on p.7, if the front matter ends at vii, it starts on p.9.

I have the page stuff set to left and right pages, and none of my other page breaks behave the same way, only this one where I changed from using roman numerals to arabic numbers.

I also think it just started as I upgraded to the new libre office (

Is this some sort of bug, or an intentional behavior to keep anything called “page 1” on an odd page?

Also, when I export as a PDF, everything looks normal, the “missing” page is fixed, and the page I label p.1 is on page 6 like it should be, not considered page 7.

For Writer, “odd page” = “right page” and that means that if you go from an odd page (p-V) to another odd page (p-1), Writer will introduce a left (even) page to fill the gap. This automatically inserted page is not displayed during editing. You can see it by going to page preview and selecting the “book layout.” When you export to PDF, there is an option to include “automatically inserted blank pages” which by default is unchecked.

Thanks so much!