Page numbering for a stage play

Tried Apache, Word, now Libre, none have a forthright way of numbering stage-play style. That is: I-1-1, I-1-2, II-1-3, II-1-4, II-1-5, etc. Act, Scene, and Page Number. What a nightmare!

To create a page number system of Act # - Scene # - page #, do the following:

  1. Use/configure paragraph style Heading 1 for the Acts, and Heading 2 for the Scenes.

  2. From Tools > Outline Numbering, select Roman numerals for Level 1 and Arabic for Level 2.

  3. Insert into the page footer the Act, Scene and Page Number fields.

…a) For Act#, use Insert > Fields > More Fields > Document tab.

… b) Select Type= Chapter and Format= “Chapter Number without Separator” (or other to suit), and set Level= 1

…c) Repeat step 3 to insert Scene# except using Level= 2

  1. Finally insert page# via Insert > Fields > Page Number.

  2. Job done. It’s not as difficult as it sounds.

I’ve provided a working example of a play to demonstrate the technique.