Page numbering nightmare

… which is why all this discussion here is very bad, @ksilver effectively hijacked the original Q&A by a different problem, making the whole Q&A much less useful for people looking for answers - because now it’s very difficult to understand which suggestion solves which problem…

What is so difficult in creating own questions, and if needed, adding links there to other existing questions that the asker tried, to inform potential answerers about the context? :frowning:

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Thanks, keme1!..this did make my targeted page, Pagenum 1. The previous pages are still numbered, however (the first page in the section of previous pages doesn’t have a number), and at this point, I just want NO pagenums in that first section. I clicked in a page # in the first section, pressed delete, but all the page nums in the doc. were deleted. I’ve tried a few things in the Textflow menu in the first section, but no luck. I’d think there’s a way of eliminating pagenums in the first section while preserving the pagenums in the second section (now starting with Page 1)…thanks again

ksilver, please upload your ODF type sample file here.