Page numbering seems illogical

In answering a question about how to insert pages of different page sizes and/or orientation for a potential new Libre Office Writer user I have observed what I regard as illogical page numbering behaviour. I know how to overcome it but it still feels awkward.
In order to insert a new Legal size page into a document that is Letter by default I have set up a custom style Legal-page that is Legal size but otherwise has default attributes, including Next Page as Default style. The custom style has been added to a template called US-Mixed-Macro so it is always available when using that template and can be inserted using a macro driven custom button on the formatting toolbar. Similar buttons have been added for Legal size with landscape orientation, normal (Letter size) landscape and default pages. These work fine until it comes to numbering the pages.
Consider a new, very simple document containing 3 pages with single lines of text on each page being Page 1, Page 2 and Page 3 respectively. Turning on footers and adding a page number field results in three numbered pages:1,2,3: so far so good.
Now when an ad hoc page is added between pages 2 and 3 using manual break (or custom buttons) to change the page style at the same time the inserted page has no number while Pagfe 3 is now numbered 4.

Do you find it illogical that each page style has own header and footer?

Page number is placed on those. And ~every non-trivial document requires different headers/footers on different pages. First pages often need different/absent headers; landscape/portrait pages need different placement of parts of the headers (say, n centimeters from left vs m centimeters). Sometimes there are dedicated styles for tables/illustrations. So - this is about flexibility. You see logic when think about it.

Does the page style for the “ad hoc” page contain header/footer? How’s the transition to former page 3 (now page 4)? Through another page break with specific page style?