Page numbering several files as if they were one document


I have various writer and calc files I need to print out in sequence with sequential page number. I know how to insert a page number in a footer, and have done this for the first writer document. Two questions I am struggling with -

a. how do I insert a sequence of page numbers in a later writer document that begins not at 1 but at a higher number?

b. how do I insert page numbers in a calc sheet so that the numbers increase in sequence when printed out as several pages?

Donald UK

For a)

  • Insert the page number.
  • Double clik on the page number. “Edit Fields” window pops up.
  • Change the Offset value (down right in the window).

For b)

Calc inserts page numbers automatically, see File > Print Preview. If you want to change the printing style (for instance, remove the default “Page” part of the page number):

  • Go to Styles and Formatting sidebar
  • Click on the Page Styles icon
  • Right click on Default page style then Modify...
  • Go to Footer tab and click the Edit... button
  • Finally modify what you see in the footer

In that same place, you can also modify the header, the sheet order when you print, etc.

If I were you, I would go with Master Documents when it comes to Witer. You should use styles then and watch that you use the same template for all your documents for consistent appearance.

Look at this:

For Clac, maybe you can combine several sheets into one by referencing wanted cells and then define a print range. I can’t do better, sorry.

I can’t say from your writing do you need to do this for Writer and Calc separately or you need to combine pages from Writer and Calc simultaneously.