Page numbering

I prepare legal estate plans consisting of multiple forms in a single file. Each new form within the single file must begin at “Page One”

I am currently using a program which permits this by one simple command. It takes a few seconds to reset the number back to page one.

So far, I have not found any such function in libreoffice. In fact, it doesn’t seem you can get there from here.

I’d appreciate any help with this.

To get decent help, edit your question to provide more “technical” details:

  • LO version and OS name
  • format under which your file is saved
  • how the forms have been built
  • structure of your file: how do you format it? manually or with styles?
  • the purpose of the file: a “frozen” document or one meant to be filled in by some user/customer
  • any information you think could help contributors to understand the issue

Attaching an example would be a good idea.

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The first idea that springs to my mind is to change the text flow settings for Heading 1 paragraph style:

  • Insert page break before
  • Restart page numbering on 1

See attached sample file.

You then start your new form by pressing ctrl+1 (or cmd+1 if you are working in MacOS).

This will start the new form with a heading line. If you don’t need that, or you need to fix old documents, @anon87010807’s suggestion may be easier.

Thank you so much! I will try this.

You can do that very easily: put the cursor in the first line/paragraph of the page. Then Format - Paragraph - Text Flow tab. Below Breaks, tick Insert, With page style and Page number, then enter 1 in the relevant box. Repeat for all pages where you have to restart page numbering.

Thank you so much. I really want to use Libre and this would probably make it possible!