Page numbers in Writer pdf files

I can’t find anywhere to add footers and page numbers in Writer pdf files. Help states under Insert but nothing there.

For Writer you can

  • Click Insert > Header and Footer > Insert Footer > Default Page Style
  • Click in the footer and then click Insert > Field > Page Number

If you can’t see that then I assume you have chosen a different user interface such as Grouped Bar. There are limitations to this user interface which is intended to be familiar to people changing from Word.

You can make the menu visible by clicking Menu > Menubar then you can follow steps above. Cheers, Al

What do you mean under it? PDF files exported from Writer? Then you first need to add page numbers in the source ODT file (see EarnestAl’s solution, for example) and then export to PDF. Ready-made PDF files? You can’t process them in Writer. You can only recognize text using an OCR program and export to ODT (and then see above).

If you do mean that you are opening pdf files in LO then it would be Draw.

Normally in Draw if you wanted to add page numbers then you would open the Master document and add a page number field which would then appear in every page.

It doesn’t work like that for imported pdf files because every page has its own Master document. All you can do is to insert a page number field in a text box on the first page, copy it and paste it into every page in the document.

I decided the easiest way is to open the file in Cute PDF Editor online, create a footer, its done. Thanks for the recommendations.