Page numbers with different styles and different counts

I am trying to write a document wifth 3 parts: Cover / abstract, toc and two more pages / and the chapters (the rest)

My problem is I want to have no numering on the cover, the second part must be numbered in roman starting in 1 and the third part normal numbers.

I have never been able to do this on LibreOffice

Please take a look to this thread, I think can help.

Search in this site for page styles, or take a look to the documentation:

LibreOffice Writer Guide

4.0.x branch

Chapter 4: Formatting Pages

Numbering pages (p. 34 ff.)

Thanks for detail.

I provide explicit step-by-step instructions on how to do this in my answer here. One difference is that my instructions set the page numbering of the forepapers to start at 2 (rather than 1) which is the same as the linked thread.