Page numbers

This is just a comment. I normally love LO, but now…Putting page numbers in Writer is so much more difficult than in MS Word, that it almost makes me want to go back to it! I have a Word document from a pdf OCR, which of course has a horrid amount of “issues”. I thought, easy peasy, I’ll copy the text to LO Writer and all will be well. Nope. Trying to put in page numbers, or section breaks for that matter is a headache that I do not want to have. Half of the Help menu for these issues doesn’t work. For the love of mike, will you all please make it easier to put in such things? I do not want to go back to Office! Please don’t make me!

You may find [Tutorial] Page numbering (View topic) • Apache OpenOffice Community Forum useful

I entirely agree with you. To insert page numbers in LO you almost need to have a PhD on it. It surely puts off many potential users…

We need to fill a feature request for that. Of course, if only 1 user fills in that request, it will sit there in Bugzilla until the end of time.