Page sizes inaccurate on 4K display

I am new to Elementary OS and LibreOffice. When I load Libre Writer, the page size (zoomed to 100%) is not the correct size on my 4K monitor. In other words, a letter sized page is not actually displaying at 8.4 x 11". But if I zoom in LibreOffice to 150%, the page size is accurate. Why doesn’t Libre Office scale the page sizes accurately? And is there something I can modify to make it display page sizes accurately by default?

Bob Reed

(1) What do you use for PDF files? Are PDF files displayed at proper size?

(2) What hardware (computer and monitor)? If monitor is a second display (to notebook), is the primary display accurate?

So far, I haven’t edited or viewed any PDF files. I am using a desktop computer I built with a Gigabyte H270N-WIFI motherboard and a Dell P2715Q 27-inch UHD display. This is the only display I use (not a second display).

That would most probably mean that your OS reports wrong pixel density (DPI) to LibreOffice (which value LibreOffice uses to decide output size in pixels). Please check if this solves your problem.

I think you are correct. I launched dconf editor and went to org-> gnome → desktop → interface → scaling factor. It was set to “0”. I changed this to “1”. And after that, Libre Writer displayed pages in the correct size and web pages looked much better in Google Chrome. Thank you for the advice!