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LO 7.3.7 (x64)
Win 10 21H2

I’m reading the Calc docs regarding Page Styles and it says on Page Style dialog tab ‘Organizer’ I should see a “Next Style” box. I see none on my Libre Office; I cannot apply Page Styles to a sheet.

I searched the 'net and this forum for similar issues and found just one post here:

The latter post has no suggestions or a resolution.

Am I being stupid or is there something wrong?

If it’s any help, I notice that there is a ‘Next Style’ box in Page Styles for Writer.

The “next style” option is for the Writer application only. It will be applied a different Page Style (what you choose) when the text flows onto the next page, or you use a page break.

Tipical usage for the First Page page style: there is only one first page in a document, what you (maybe) want to format differently: Without page numbering, without Header/footer or others…
Another usage: for the left/right pages, when you want create mirrored position of the page numbers on the pages, or the “inner margins”, etc… It needs two similar, but partially different page style. The two page styles will be alternated automatically when the text flows onto the next page.
The “Inherit from” is not used parameter of the Page Styles, because the Page styles can not handle hierarchical structures (yet).
And the Draw application can handle only one “Pages Style” in a specific document.

Perhaps the documentation has been updated to remove the reference. The current Organiser help page makes no mention of Next Style.

  • To enable the “styles tool”, press function key F11 or select the last option on the Styles menu (Manage styles, or something like that). You should now have the style manager on the right side panel.
  • There are two icons above the styles list pane, where you can select to work with Page styles or Cell styles. Click the second one to work with page styles.
  • To apply a page style to the currently selected sheet(s), double click the relevant style name.
  • If you want to create a new page style, right click in the list pane and select New …

If this does not help you, please describe in more detail what you want to achieve.

I create a new page style, set background to color green, but cannot make the current sheet look like style by double-clicking or anything I’ve tried. Maybe there’s a secret to getting Page style to apply?

If someone says there’s no mention of Next Style in current docs, I’ll take their word for it. I checked the Help link provided and did a search but found nothing except outdated Help.

Please! How to apply very most simple page style to sheet?

The page style will not affect rendering of the sheet (cell grid workspace). Technically it applies to the sheet, but it only takes effect when pages are output from that sheet (as when printed or exported to PDF).

To alter the appearance of onscreen workspace by style, you use cell styles.

I guess you could say that what you are asking about is “sheet styles”. Alas, there is no such thing in Calc. It is now obvious to me that a sheet is thought of as a page. In many ways it is. However, in this context they are seen as distinct entities.

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In addition to @keme1 :
To see what influence a page style or of cell styles has, choose File>Print Preview from the menu.

Page Styles

Ok thanks. You’d think the docs would say that Page view is actually Print view. But well, got to be thankful for what you’ve got. Moved recently from MS Office. Thank god for open source.