Page three showing page number '4' with all subsequent pages incorrect. How can I rectify page 3 to show '3' ?

First page correctly shows nothing and is set to page style ‘first page.’ Page two correctly shows ‘2,’ but I can’t set it to anything other than ‘Default Style’ without 'page one being automatically changed to ‘Right Page’ for some weird reason. Page three is automatically set to ‘Left Page’ style no matter what I try to set it to. Is this a bug?
Running LibreOffice on osx 10.9.5

Figured it out. By default ‘First Page’ style is followed by a ‘Default Page’ style which messed up numbering as per my query. I had to open ‘Styles and Formatting’ (ctrl T), right click ‘First Page,’ select ‘Modify,’ select ‘Organizer’ in the window which opened, and change the ‘Next style’ to ‘Left Page’ in the drop down menu. Then re-assign the ‘First Page’ style to the first page and place page numbers in the footers on page 2 and 3 where I wanted them. Everything fell into place from there :slight_smile:

Please, close your question as you found the right answer, which also should be ticked.