Pages numbers outside margin in table of contents when converted to pdf


I’m working on a doc made in Writer (v. (ie. not converted from word) on windows 7, and when I convert to pdf the TOC appears to extend outside the margins, so basically the numbers disappear.

The left margin on the doc is very wide because it has to be bound when printed but changing it to fix this issue is a non-starter for exactly the same reason.

I can’t seem to change the width of the whole table in the format menu, only the columns and then only if I have more than one, and it displays perfectly within the margins in Writer.

Anyone any ideas for fixing this issue?


I have up voted your question, so you can edit the question to attach a sample file. (Please delete any private/confidential information, this is a public site).

I am having this exact problem.
Cannot display the ruler within the TOC to control the position of page numbers.
Changing the “Contents” “after text” value does not affect the numbers (only the text of the heading).
Why doesn’t the TOC generator default to the current column width ???