pagination completed and unambigous?

I suspect pagination is done in the background and I have no control when and where it starts and when it is finished.
However I encountered several situations when pagination changed unexpectedly. E. g. Immediately after loading a document had 352 pages and shortly after loading the page number changed to 354 some picture had been assigned a different position.
I have two questions:

  1. Has the pagination process of a document a unique result (is it an algorithm in its strict sense) or are several solutions of the pagination process on a document possible (depending on some environment , e.g. the relative progress of threads)?
  2. Is there an indicator somewhere visible where writer tells me that pagination is completed (and would be restarted only by changes to the document)?

I remember this happening in (by now old versions of) MS Word as well, so it’s probably a low priority process. It probably first makes a rough estimate, then fine tunes it. The estimated number of pages may change as you add text, because the added text pushes down the text below, and any images in it before the next hard page break. Of course the number of pages is irrelevant while you are writing, except when you find that you grossly exceed the maximum number of pages set for it in a contract, agreement or whatever. Even then, two pages more or less won’t matter.

If you really want to know how many pages you have at any given moment, put the cursor at the very end of the document, that will force Writer to repaginate.

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Thank you for reply. However the two questions are not answered. My observation is related to a “may be a bug” i.e. instability in pagination. The 354-version of pagination was incorrect (for my purpose - it invalidated a layout expecting a picture on the left side and an associated text on the right side). I had to correct it by a nonsense correction (i.e add some text before the picture and undo that addition) to revert to the correct 352-page document. How can I know repagination is complete?