Pagination glitch

I’m compiling a 50pp document.
It has a Table of Contents (ToC)
& am numbering pages (opening a footer
& inserting Page Numbering via Special Fields)

It’s not going well.

Previous times, the numbering went up to, say, 8 then reverted
counting from 1 (at what would’ve been 9). Or another time 1-11
then reverted to 1 on, after that…

Solution, then: looking for & finding a manually created Page Break.

This time, I’ve looked for that, and any other formatting, and
can only say that the page that seems to “obstruct” the continuity
of pagination has a numbered list of substantial text blocks.

I eliminated Numbered List feature, but the page still numbers itself “1”

Interesting note; once the obstructing page renumbers itself “1”
there follow four more pages also 1 until pagination resumes
(from 1).

Someone suggested looking for Section Breaks but (a) I didn’t
add any manually, to the best of my knowledge, (b) I don’t Know
How to look anyways… (or, vice-versa)

Put the cursor in the first paragraph of the page where the numbering restarts and then Format - Paragraph - Text flow tab. Set the Page number field at the right hand bottom to zero. OK to resume. Repeat that for any other pages with the same behavior.

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