Pagination of Libre wo Ca cacant re-paginate a Libre word doc e

I successfully paginated a Libre word doc ((Header/default/fields/page number). I tried unsuccessfully to move ‘page 1’ from the title page to the first text page. I then tried to re-paginate as previously. Could not do it. Only page 1 came out on first page. I managed to paginate other documents…no problem. I copy/pasted document on Libre writer…wouldn’t work.
It seems something is embedded in the document that is blocking pagination. Any ideas (not too complicated…I’m not good at this stuff). Thanks

Headers and footers, and some other page formatting aspects are controlled by page styles. Think of the sections in MS Word (if you are familiar with that) but they are also very different. Basically you need a separate page style for each set of pages that want other content or settings for headers, footers, margins and more. Try Tutorial on Page styles and headers/footers

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