Paid help with Base, Calc and Write

Hello! I have started to build a new Base, with a form to populate the Base and in turn to populate other forms. I am stuck on some functionality (macros) and setting up a query and wish to hire someone to help complete this project for me! I have tried advertising the project on Fiverr and Upwork but I have received only ridiculous estimates- presumably from those unfamiliar with L/O. Can anyone recommend where to seek help from someone familiar with L/O to help me complete this project?

Your question sounds like the proverbial question: “how long is a piece of string”? It isn’t really surprising that you got quotes that didn’t meet your expectations? I have no idea whether there are people on here who would be interested in taking you up on your offer, as this site is, AFAIK, entirely volunteer-based.

Thanks for your reply…although unclear why the proverbial question was cited? I am hoping to find someone/somewhere (a reference/referral) to pay and help me complete my project. I don’t know of any other resource to post this request other than on this volunteer-based site!

Asking for a quote for software application development without providing a detailed specification of requirements? Base development is a niche area of LibreOffice at best, and there aren’t many people familiar with the Basic programming language and Base. Good luck with your search!

No… I have detailed specifications and requirements!! If/when I can find someone fluent in English and reasonable in monetary literacy I am happy to share these requirements. I now understand your reference to the string, but I thought it inappropriate to publish my detailed and lengthy requirements in this forum. I am learning that Libre Office in general may be much more niche than I anticipated, which is yet another reason that brings me to this community to ask for help.

If Basic macros look like a solution, poor database design is the problem.

The Ask instance, to which I was referring, is volunteer based, to my knowledge, perhaps one or more of the instance admins are paid by the foundation, and it may be that there are contract developers who hang out here, but they’re not in the majority.

Hi Jeff,

I’d be happy to lend a hand here.
I’ve got extensive experience with LibreOffice, so I’m comfortable tackling the macros and query setup.

You can reach out to me on my email here