Paper format changes do not save

LO Version: on hp Elitedesk 800 G1 w/ 16gb ram and on board graphics.

I am printing on a Zebra GX430T label printer. When I go to Format > page and change the size to “user” with 4x6" dimensions everything prints perfectly. When I save, then close the document and open it later the page has been set back to 8.5x11" letter. Each time I print, I have to change the paper format. The paper is set to 4x6 in the zebra settings manager, if I click file > printer settings it shows as the correct size. However, when I click file > print and choose properties from that menu, the paper is set to 4.25x11?!? When I change it to the correct size and hit ok, it thinks for a sec, then goes back to 4.25x11. I print 10-35 labels daily and this is slowing everything down, what am I missing??

Are you saving as .odt or as .xls(x)?