When I set the default papersize/type via the menu File/PrinterSetup properites. Try to print the page and select the printer and check the properties. Then the default for the printer is selected again. When I select a new papersize this papersize isn’t saved.

For example when I use the dymo label writer I select the default papertsize 99014 shipping.
When I try to print the page with control p and check the Paper/Output it is set to the Papersize/type 30252 Address, which is the default for the dymo lablewriter. I should have been the 99014 Shipping. The papersize is not saved and used. Is there a work around or need I set it at a different location. I have als set it at the File/Templates commands printer settings. But these settings are not used the moment the user selects to print the page/document…

Have installed LibreOffice 4 but this gives no improvement.

Hi @CyberHusky,

Sound similar to:

Perhaps some help on Templates here:

For the dymo 450 labelwriter there isn’t a Printer Shortcuts. I can set the default via the File/Template/Organise… commands printersettings. If I set the page size there it is saved and sticks around. I can also set the properties via File/Printer Settings… and select the dymo labelwriter and set the advanced options. If I set the paper size to 99014 Shipping it is saved and sticks around. When I opt to print the page and check the paper size it is set back to the default of the dymo writer