How to fix deafult printer page size

In Writer I have set printer settings/properties/pagesize to A4 Borderless,
likewise in HPLIP I have set media size to A4 Borderless,
but whenever I print in writer pagesize reverts to A4, unless I manually reset it each time I print.

How can I make Borderless ‘stick’?

HP C4280 printer, LibreOffice 3.6.02, Ubuntu 12.04

Even though I believe this is a matter related more to the HP Printer than to LibreOffice Writer I found something that might help you out:

I got the manual for your HP Photosmart C4280 at this link here and jumped to the “Full User Guide” at page 35 check this link.

Take a look at the section “Create Printing Shortcuts” and you’ll be good to go. Hope it helps.

Thanks, Victorwestmann, for your answer. I can see that this may help.

Unfortunately the Print dialogue box which I have does not offer a ‘Printing Shortcuts’ tab. On a Windows XP system I can see that Word 2002 has this tab as you describe. On the Ubuntu system LibreOffice does not offer Printer Shortcuts, and nor does Word 2007 running under Crossover. There seems to be something lacking between the HP device manager, HPLIP, and the operating system.

However something is resetting that default pages size, and I do not know what it is.

Any further suggestions?

I’m reiterating this question, which is still a major irritation. Other apps don’t do this (adobe, word), only LibreOffice (Writer or Calc).
Why does LibreOffice reset the default page size?

I think the problem is that the document itself carries the “I am formatted for X paper size” attribute. The trick is to get your templates and especially your default templates to have the “A4 paper size” attribute. Or, perhaps, use a USA install and I’ll use your UK install so you can have A4 and I can have letter size. (Same problem, but from the other side of the pond.)

I also have an issue when I have just recently updated to Firefox 40.0.2. I came back from a week off of work to find out it has been printing incorrectly. On the printer is says to add 8X6.75 size paper to print. Then I visited an HP Support, where I get an easy setting and tips for setting up my HP printer!