Para 'jumps' when copying text between list styles

I have noticed some idosyncracies and want to check it isn’t something I have done to cause it.
I have a list style that is position at tab2, I have several consecutive paragraphs that use the style; if I copy some etxt from para1 and past into another para the whole thing jumps to position itself at tab1. To resolve this I have to click the bullets button on the toolbar once and it’s back where it should be.
I tested on para using indented but not list styles and it doesn’t happen.

The behaviour makes no sense but does anyone know why it happens and if it can be stopped?

Thank you

Difficult to tell. There may be an extra tab in the pasted text. Also list item may be created with the toolbar button (and this flag is very sticky). You may also have customised the default bullets & numbering settings.

Please attach a sample file with the problem (you can attach only editing your question, no attachment in comments). In case it contains confidential data, replace it with “lorem ipsum”. I’ll have a look at your style definitions.