Paragraph drop shadows not saving in templates

I’ve created several custom templates in Writer with styles for 3 different headings and body text.

Have set borders, padding & drop (border) shadow for the headings under Format > Paragraph. Borders & padding are saved, but all drop shadows disappear when I re-open the .dotx or the .docx based on the template.

Updated to the latest stable version (ver, but still the same problem. Would appreciate any advice, thanks.

Templates for M$ Word and LO Writer don’t encompass the same target data. Consequently, I consider as expectable that saving a complex formatting in a .dotx file results in a loss when reopened.

The second flaw is to add border attributes with Format>Paragraph. This command adds the attributes to the paragraph where you applied it. Its action is “local”, limited to this sole paragraph. Even with an .ott template, the attributes won’t be transferred to new headings because you created direct formatting (=manual formatting) on a specific occurrence.

Templates are primarily intended to contain styles. Here, you need to modify a Heading n built-in style for the change to become permanent. This is done with Styles>Manage Styles. Right-click on the style name and Modify.

When done, File>Templates>Save as Template to ensure it creates an .ott.

For a full introduction to styles and templates, read the Writer Guide.

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