Paragraph Separators Stripped from Final Post

I noticed the space between paragraphs in the post editor and display is not shown in the final version. This doesn’t happen on other discourse sites.

A link to an example would have been most helpful. I see a lot of posts with an extra space between paragraphs on our instance as well, starting with this one.

But it seems the CSS “compresses” paragraphs in comments.

First paragraph.

Second paragraph.


I fail to see what’s wrong in that final output.

Nothing. How can I post a comment in this thread?

It’s not possible as #site-feedback doesn’t have QnA enabled. Comments appear compressed because QnA sets p.topic-post.comment {margin 0; }. I’m however reluctant to blindly touch the CSS as this might be there for a reason.

OK, thanks for clarifying it is only in the comments. I’ll leave it as me having passed on the issue.