Paragraph skips page

I’m writing a book. The paragraph settings make that the paragraph jumps to the next page if the whole thing does not fit on the current page. I want to be able to use every line of each page, and not skip a bunch of space if the whole paragraph is too large. How do I fix this?

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It looks like your paragraphs are considered an unbreakable block. This happens if you changed default Text Flow properties in your paragraph style(s) (which ones do you use?) or you manually modified the setting near the beginning of your book and this new setting has been forwarded to all new paragraphs when you hit Enter.


You might be referring to widow and orphan controls. You might want to read this Wikipedia article, Widows and orphans - Wikipedia

In your paragraph style there is a tab named Text Flow in which the widow and orphan controls are situated

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You ticked Do not split paragraph on the Text flow tab of the paragraph style window. That setting means that a paragraph sits on a single page.

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