paragraph style box

The drop-down boxes for Paragraph Styles such as “Header 1, Header2” etc. are no longer wide enough. Of course I can see the list by clicking on the box but it used to be convenient to see which Heading style was being used just by looking at the entry in the box. This is also true of the font-style box. I’m running LO 5.4 on Linux Mint Cinnamon.

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@akittoz I think the OP is commenting on the fact that the box for paragraph styles on the “formatting” toolbar is too narrow, to which I fully agree. Specially on non English languages where some paragraph styles have longer names that box is too small. The same happens with the font name box.

The only workaround is to use the sidebar instead: you can make the boxes there almost as wide as you want.

I think there is an enhancement request for this problem, but I cannot find it right now.

@RGB-es: I do agree that both boxes may appear narrow, but I see that as an incentive to work with styles where you don’t directly select fonts once styles are defined. Concerning the style box and drop-down menu, I prefer to have only the name displayed (without sample formatting) because I use styles for semantic markup, not for their graphic properties. With my workflow, the style side panel comes in more handy because it shows more styles at a glance, again displaying them without sample. …

I personally disagree with icon-galore UI because it leads “naturally” to excessive direct formatting, which is the cause of many evil. The icon toolbars take too much screen estate which could be used for more document page display instead. With common screens in landscape orientation, space is largely available on doc sides, thus side panes fit nicely in this scheme. Of course, this is personal taste and is highly debatable.

@ajlittoz I only use styles, and I’m talking about a box that’s used to pick styles. The paragraph style used for right footer in Spanish is called “Pie de página derecho”. The paragraph style box on the toolbar only shows “Pie de página” because the rest of the name does not fit on the box, and that’s a problem: there is another paragraph style called “Pie de página”, so it’s confusing. And yes, I agree the Sidebar is better, but that’s not the point here: we are talking about the toolbar.