Paragraph style page break sometimes don't work

In my document heading2_not_correct.odt I have two kind of headings: Heading 1 and heading 2. Within Heading 1 in the style F11 → cursor or heading text → Right mouse click → modify → tab "Text Flow"with section breaks I have the following configuration:

Heading 1:

  • Checkbox “insert” : Checked
  • Position: Before
  • Check box “With page style”: Right page with footer"

This works well. Heading 1 is in the page style “Right page with footer”

For heading 2 this a bit different:

  • Checkbox “insert” : Checked
  • Position: Before
  • Check box “With page- style”: Left page with footer and header"

This works well at least for the first Heading 2.

The second heading 2 does not have a header" see:

it seems that the page is “Left page with footer” (so without also the header, as in the first example).

Of course I can do manual changes to enforce the page to be a “Left page with footer and header” but I prefer to use styles and only styles.

How is this possible and how can this be corrected.

@ajlittoz Thanks this solved my problem. I tried indeed with Ctrl-M to clear manual styling and did not realize that a Page-break will stay. Ctrl +0 is a very valuable to verify such an error.

You have added a manual page break to switch to page style Left page with footer which is direct formatting and takes precedence over the style settings.

This becomes obvious if you change your heading style (e.g. put the cursor inside and Ctrl+0 for Text Body). The page break remains in force, betraying the fact it was manually added.

Delete the page break and restyle Heading 2 (or Ctrl+2) and everything is back as you expect.

CAUTION! Though I call this manual page break “direct formatting”, it is not cleared by Ctrl+M as it is perfectly valid to add manually page breaks in styled documents for “exceptional” cases. I.e., this kind of manual formatting handles only very rare exceptions to your styling in order to avoid creating a style for a single occurrence. Other than that, avoid direct formatting.

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