Paragraph style resets font style attribute on document close/open

I am using Writer for LibreOffice on Windows 7. My document is saved in .odt format.

Every time I close and re-open the document, each of my paragraph styles reset the “style” attribute to the top-most option in the list.

Example: My Gill Sans font lists style attributes in the order Bold Condensed, Condensed, Bold, Regular, Italic. Many of my headings are Gill Sans Regular, but when I close and re-open my document, they are reset to Gill Sans Bold Condensed, as it is at the top of the list.

Any advice would be appreciated. This issue is manageable for the current document, but I’m creating a style master that I will re-use over and over again, and the only solution I can think of is editing the fonts with an external tool to create custom versions with only my style attribute of preference.

Edit:: it seems from the replies that this may be a known bug with Libreoffice. My next test solution will be to use an external tool to make custom fonts with only the single desired attribute so each cannot reset.

I bet @RGB-es knows the issue :slight_smile:

I don’t have Gill Sans, but I can confirm the behavior with Antykwa Poltawskiego fonts. In fact, I don’t even need to close and reopen the document, just close and reopen the style dialog! If I set the font as SemiCond Regular, it changes to CondRegular, the first option on the list!

I think the problem is related to this one:

Bug 35538 - Handling of fonts with more that 4 styles (R/B/I/BI) is suboptimal

LibreOffice get severely confused by fonts with more than the classical “regular, italic, bold and bold italic” variations: as soon as you add slanted, condensed or other shapes/weights everything breaks badly.

My advice, if you want to work with Writer don’t use fonts with so many “shapes.” If you need to use such fonts, go for something like XeTeX or Scribus, Writer does not work for those fonts.

@mikekaganski it seems you won :wink: