Parameters from the event

It’s possible to have parameters fed to a macro by the event that calls the macro. Other than the event itself, what other parameters are available? And what can be gleaned from these parameters. (E.g., I know I can from the event grab the form or control it’s associated with.)


This question is way too general for this site and would require many pages to answer.

Please refer to some excellent references:

Open Office Macros Explained by Andrew Pitonyak. PDF here → OOME

and AndrewBase


You can also use an object inspector - essential tool for macros. See last comment in my answer here → Inserting an SQL command into the contents of a report

I have both of Andrew’s resources where I frequently pull them up to find answers, and I looked there before posting here. At the risk of being really needy, could you give me a little more specific direction on specific sections of them to look at for this question?

Again too broad a question. For example, in OOME preform a find on event and you will get many, many hits. What is returned in an event greatly depends upon that actually originated the event. Most controls in Base have associated events and the object is typically returned with this. The object contains many properties. In another instance you may have a handler for key capture which returns key codes and such with the event. Just too much as stated.

With all LibreOffice (and OpenOffice and StarOffice) there is no one stop for macros (OOME has a lot though). You have to gather information from many places. That is also why I noted the importance for an object inspector.

In hopes of helping you to possibly see just a bit of the scope, here are some posts dealing with some different events (either code or samples provided):

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