Paramters in Report based on Query

Libre Base Version:
Ubuntu verion: 18.10

Have created a query and entered a parameter to filter the query/report:
( SELECT * FROM “Recipes” WHERE “Area” = :parameter )

When I attempt to run the query, I receive a box to enter the parameter. The problem is, no matter the parameter entered (even blank), blank rows are displayed in the query.

I am certain of the parameter value (cut and pasted from table).

What am I doing wrong or missing in this?

Thank you in advance for your assistance and time.


Does it work when run as a query, not in a form? Perhaps you could attach an example file.

I receive the same results when running it as a query. The parameter input is received, but when input a the output of the query is displayed with no records returned. Not sure what an example of would be advantageous. If you could let me know, I would be more than happy to include one.

Thank you for yoru time, response and assistance.

The syntax is correct. Beyond that, there is not enough information given to reproduce the problem. What is the table definition, and what data does it contain? What value did you paste? Try to come up with a complete example, as described under bullet point 3 of guidelines for asking. The best way would be to attach a simplified file that demonstrates the problem.