Password by day of the week in LibreOffice Base

Dears, good morning!
I want to put a password by type of day of the week in LibreOffice Base, using the IF, inside a module.
Is it possible through programming?

Thank you!


A password to do what? Database access? This is not a Base function. Database used (not mentioned in question) determines password usage. Password for locking out macro access? Or something else?

Hello! I couldn’t explain …

I use code to open the database forms, like a password, like this.

What I try to know is if there is how I can make this code changed, according to the day of the week, that is, if it is Monday, code X, if it is Tuesday, code Y, and so on.

Very grateful for the return.

Sub abrirformulario
Dim ObjTypeWhat
Dim ObjName as String
Dim Senha as String

If Senha = "2468" then	
	If ThisDataBaseDocument.FormDocuments.hasbyname(ObjName) Then
	ThisDataBaseDocument.currentcontroller.loadComponent (ObjTypeWhat, ObjName, FALSE)
	MsgBox "Erro ao abrir o formulário"
	End if


End if

End Sub


Based upon comment, you are looking to determine what day of the week it is today. You can find that out with a WEEKDAY function. See WEEKDAY for options.

So keep in mind with basic the code for today is:

iToday = WEEKDAY(NOW())

If you want to start the day of the week on Monday = 1, then:

iToday = WEEKDAY(NOW(),2)

Your return is an integer which can be used in your code like:

If (WEEKDAY(NOW(),2) = 5) AND (Senha = "2468")  then Print "ALL is OK!"

Dears, good morning!

That’s exactly what I need! Thank you!

For me the issue is resolved.


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