paste 2nd item does not work

Hi everyone,

I am facing the following issue on my Win10:

If I copy some text (e. g. from a website) to the clipboard I am able to paste it to calc or writer if I do it the first time after LibreOffice has been opened. If I copy some other text I am unable to paste it - neither via CTRL+V nor via right click paste or main menu Edit > Paste. The menus are grayed out and it seems there is no content available in the clipboard. If I close and re-open LibreOffice without re-copying the text pasting works (once again). This happens with v6.4.7 and 7.0.3.

I double checked the clipboard by pasting the content to Chrome Search Bar, Notepad++ and Excel: Text was pasted as expected. Copying items multiple times internally (calc > calc, writer > writer) works as expected

Any one else facing this issue? Is it an expected behavior?

Kind Regards,

Do you have a clipboard manager? Turn it off or remove it.

Does it happen in Safe Mode Start Menu > LibreOffice > LibreOffice Safe Mode?

I don’t have any problems with paste. I did have briefly but it was fixed during a Windows update shortly after.

Not all updates seen to be installed automatically. I’m not talking about version updates but smaller ones.
Do you have any Windows updates waiting to be installed such as NET Framework?

I can’t repeat the problem with Firefox and LibreOffice (x86); OS: Windows 6.1.

@tipuraneo, This happen in whatever site? Have you tried with another internet browser? E.g. Firefox, Opera, Edge, etc.

You can see if you have any updates waiting to be installed in Start Menu > Settings > Update &Security > Windows Update . Ignore Windows version updates for the moment.

Do you have any programs running that might take over the clipboard such as macro recorders, possibly screen grab software. It might be a matter of closing programsot utilities until the clipbaord works properly.

Due to clipboard hijacking some AV programs monitor the clipboard leading to two potential causes of problems: hijacked clipboard changing some data, or here is example of AV affecting clipboard operation.

There are no OS updates pending.

hello @tipuraneo,

similar is often reported, just look around here and in ‘bugs’,

various shortcomings overlap, Windows, clipboard manager and LO, whereby LO probably has the largest share since - as you also report - it mostly works when copying into other applications …

the developers know the problem, so far they can’t solve it … :frowning:

as a user there is not much you can do, disabling clipboard manager sometimes helps, ‘paste as’ (shift-ctrl-v) or (shift-ctrl-alt-v) sometimes also help, if you notice anything how a: you can reproduce the problem safely, or b: you can avoid it stably report it here …

Does not seem to me as a real answer to the problem. Please repost as a comment.

Given that ms office users also can experience this same problem it might be wrong to focus too closely on LO. For instance a program called macro express can prevent pasting in excel. But it can also happen without documented cause

hi guys,

a little more realism, a definitely existing problem in LO does not get better by pointing out that other programs sometimes have it too - LO has it often! - or send people on the roll ‘look at this, look at that, describe your system configuration …’,

a wiki with a sequence: 1. check this, 2. turn that off (clipboard manager), 3. look in ‘bugs’ and ‘ask’ if you can find cases that correspond to yours and if you can contribute wisdom there … redirect new questions to this wiki, and if a dev has time: work on the problem … that makes sense,

‘buy time’ or ‘make fun of the user’ by pretending that the problem does not exist and is of no use but damages the reputation of LO, the problem simply occurs to too many people to discuss it away …

for those who think that copy/paste is an exotic, an invented or a ‘phantom problem’: please have a look in ‘bugs’, there are 60++ reports on copy/paste, probably more than on any other single problem …

I’m not saying the problem doesn’t exist, I’m saying that looking solely at LO might blind you to the causes.

The clipboard is shared and it is known that not all programs share the clipboard well, some of those are documented, so it is worth seeing if there is a selfish program running at the same time. Most of us LO users do not experience these problems so it sounds like a combination problem with other software and occasional issues in the OS which occur from time to time with updates.

Issue occurs as well in LibreOffice Safe Mode and is reproducible as described above. ‘Paste as’ does not work, too :frowning: If I can provide some logs or do anything else to get this fixed, please let me know.

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