paste from clipboard from Apple Notes or TextEdit

.rtf from Apple Notes or TextEdit should paste into LibreOffice from the clipboard on a Mac.
But it doesn’t. I get the error message “Unknown Source” when I use Paste Special.

I can open .rtf documents saved from TextEdit but can’t paste from them from the clipboard.
This is a serious deficiency for my workflow. I take a LOT of notes in Apple Notes and use TextEdit for most simple text.
I need to be able to copy and paste, preserving text size, bold, and italic and other common text rtf features such as font choice.

Any solutions?

I’m inclined to think it’s a bug. I just tried to paste from a random .RTF file opened in TextEdit to a new LO Writer document. While I am able to paste the text (Command-V) it does lose its formatting. When pasting with “Paste Special” I see the “Unknown source” message and there’s only “Unformatted text” listed. I’m on macOS 10.9.5, LO The only workaround I can think of is to create and use character styles.

Still broken in Office 5.3.6.
Pasting RTF text doesn’t work.
Dictation program, Dragon Dictate for Mac also doesn’t work.