Paste from Libreoffice Draw to Powerpoint 2010 as Vector Image?

I need to prepare slides in powerpoint, but prefer Libreoffice draw for creating images – among other things because conversion to vector-graphics format supported by LaTeX is easier.

However, I cannot find a way to copy images from Draw to Powerpoint, that preserves the vector character of the image. Instead the image is inserted as a low-resolution bitmap.

I know that partial solutions are possible by exporting as EPS, including the EPS as an image in powerpoint and converting it to an office object. This however results in both unreliable results and a lengthy workflow, which makes creating the graphics in powerpoint more attractive.

So: Is there some way to copy and paste a Libreoffice image as vector image to Powerpoint?

Curious detail: When viewing the clipboard contents using the Windows builtin “clipbrd.exe”, the images show up as vectorial EMF data that looks as intended (i.e. not pixelated), so I suppose the issue here is on the Microsoft Office side, with Microsoft Office 2010 preferring the Bitmap version over the EMF version when pasting.

You can try to work in Impress instead of Draw. It is nearly the same, only that is does not have layers. Then you can save it as .ppt or .pptx and PowerPoint can open that, or you save it as .odp using ODF1.1 format and PowerPoint will open that. And copying inside PowerPoint should work well.