Paste image from clipboard into Impress content box

Hi, I’m quite impressed with the new Impress. The layouts are great.

However I’m baffled by one thing. I cannot paste an image into an existing content box. I can paste an image into the Impress. But then it’s just floating around.

I commonly do this in PowerPoint. Pasting a graph onto each side of a side-by-side content box window. Is it possible to do this somehow?

Hmm, I just noticed something… this may be a work-around for me… (but I question if the behavior is always desirable).

  • If I paste an image into a slide, then change the layout, it then snaps into a content box.
  • If I paste two images into a slide, then change the layout to the side-by-side content frame, then the first image pasted goes on the left and the second image goes on the right. If the side-by-side content box layout is already up, then I have to change it away from this layout and then back to it.

I think the functionality should be…

  • If the content box is selected, and an image is pasted in, change it to the image.
  • If you have a floating image (because you wanted it) changing the layout doesn’t cause the image to snap into an unused content box.

If I’m not missing something, and it is not possible to paste directly into a content box, is this the place to submit the feature request? Thanks.


…existing content box…

Well, what you describe as a content box is simply “just” a text box. Images have no frame in Impress and are not anchored.

Please describe what exactly you want to achieve, maybe there is a workaround for your request. Thank you.

For further help it would be nice:

  • if you name your used LibreOffice and your operating system.
  • upload a sample file here showing what you have in mind. Thanks.

So my feedback is two items for improvement

You can submit suggestions for improvement on Bugzilla. Thank you very much.

How to Report Bugs in LibreOffice


I’m using Version: / LibreOffice Community and am running MX Linux 19.4: uname -a ==
Linux hostname 4.19.0-16-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 4.19.181-1 (2021-03-19) x86_64 GNU/Linux

  1. So I would expect to be able to click on this content box/text box to select it as a target for a paste operation. I had hoped it more than just a text box because it shows spreadsheet/chart/picture/or multi-media icon. I’ve not yet typed in it, so it’s not yet casted as text.

(Sorry new user so I could only upload one image…)

  1. But after pasting, the image is just centered

  2. The workaround I found is that if, step A) change the layout to some other format… (note, if I had not typed in the text, the image would have snapped into the context box of the single frame layout.

  3. Then step B) change it back to the side-by-side, the image will snap into place as I had originally wanted.

  • My point here is that, while this may have been a workaround for me… it may not have been the desired behavior if I had dragged to to someplace specific.
  • This snapping doesn’t occur if there isn’t an available content box.
  • You mention that content box is just a text box… if it was just a text box, why did it convert into an image box? So I have hope this is possible without the workaround step.

Note, I found if I drag in an image onto my slide from the gallery, this snapping to a content box does not occur when changing layout. So the behavior of my image pasted in is different than dragged from gallery – and what I would expect if I pasted an image onto a slide without having first selected a context box as a target.

So my feedback is two items for improvement (barring my own user error):
(1) If a context box is selected, pasted images should snap into that selected content box.
(2) If no context box is selected, pasted images should float as the images dragged from the gallery and never snapped. If you want to later snap it into a context box. Simply cut your image, select content box, and paste.
– but don’t fix 2 before fixing 1 as that appears to be my workaround barring a better solution. :slight_smile:



Please do not use a solution box if it is not a solution to your initial question. Thank you.