Paste/Import content from chrome into writer

When bringing the contents of a chrome web page into Writer, I am not able to transfer text, pictures and hyperlinks efficiently. At this stage the only satisfactory option I have found is:

Copy all in chrome, Paste special/Unformatted text, Copy and paste the pictures from chrome into writer, Copy link address from chrome, highlight desired text in writer and then insert hyper-link

Using all other options I have found seems to involve importing/pasting data as boxes/tables. To convert these to something like a usable document appears to be more trouble than the method I am currently using.

I am using LibreOffice 7.1 on a Windows 10 64 bit laptop.

There may not be a simple efficient way for that, because HTML pages are structured differently than documents made by a word processor. Your best bet is probably to copy and paste one part after another, sorting them out as you go. Graphics containers in HTML may well be converted to sections in Writer. Also remember that in older pages, tables are often used as a lay-out tool, to fix images in place, achieve a multiple columns text and the like. The import filter in LibreOffice may not always accommodate for that kind of niceties. It’s a bit like porting source-code from one language version to another, and some programmers find that a fun thing to do. Try to see it as a fun thing to do.

I did try pasting a couple of web pages into LO from Chrome and from Firefox. Firefox pasted as expected but Chrome pasted only a very little of the content. My workaround would be to use Firefox