Paste into calc search mac does not work?

Macbook Pro - Mac OS X 10.8.2
LibreOffice Version (Build ID: 53fd80e80f44edd735c18dbc5b6cde811e0a15c)
However, I can confirm this has occurred since at least LibreOffice 3.4.

Steps to reproduce :

  1. Copy text from any source on mac
  2. Fire up calc
  3. Command+f (find) or from Edit-Find Menu
  4. Place cursor in search field in bottom right
  5. Command+v or Edit-Paste Menu
  6. Text pasted in last selected cell in sheet, NOT in search field!

Am I doing something wrong?

Have you tried to paste with right-click in the search field?, seems that find field do not get the focus.

In answer to the question by @dain, yes, it is bug fdo#49853. Comment #37 in the bug provides a link to this mailing list message, which indicates a general problem for “OS X builds related to keyboard accelerators (-A, -C, -V)” and lists a number of related bugs (fdo#55914, fdo#60790, fdo#62054).

fdo#49853 - EDITING: Cannot paste into ‘find’ box (OS X) - REOPENED

Hi @csduncan,

If installing the latest release doesn’t seem to fix this problem, please file a bug and provide a list of steps that can reproduce your problem. The QA team will be happy to help you track down this issue!

Please post a link to any bugs you file in a comment below using the format “fdo#123456”.


@csduncan – Have you resolved your problem?

(I can’t comment so posting an answer.)

This is still broken in 4.0.3 and applies to other apps in the suite too, e.g. Writer.

The problem is as @mariosv commented on the question, the focus is not applied correctly to the search field, so the contents of the clipboard will be pasted in the document.

It’s possible to work around the problem by using the right click context menu for pasting in the search field, but it’s quite annoying.

I couldn’t find a way to search existing bugs and didn’t want to file one right away, is this in the bug tracker after all?